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The 21st century has proved to be a true renaissance for responsible gaming. States have shed the hesitations of previous generations and legalized casinos. At the same time, the United States Supreme Court eliminated restrictions on sports gaming that limited the practice to a handful of areas. 

The results?  On the one hand, millions of Americans have started engaging in responsible and wise gaming, creating thousands of jobs. It also gives hard-working Americans the opportunity to relax and unwind with friends, while experiencing the thrill and fun of gaming. 

On the other hand, according to gaming news headlines, the expanding industry has become a target for criminal fraudsters. Both in-person and from across the globe, these criminals use modern techniques to trick casinos and their consumers out of their money.

By providing a sophisticated and classy atmosphere with diligent protections for guests, Sports Page Gaming works to offer the best possible experience for everyone looking for fun, excitement, and safe play.

The Problem of Fraud

According to Fraud Fighter, the casino industry has always faced challenges from fraud. In recent years, they have seen worse problems than ever before. Suspicious activity reports, or SARs, show that possible instances of fraud committed against casinos approximately doubled between 2012 and 2016. 

Additionally,<a href="" > casinos with slot machines have seen mobile phone technology manipulate unfair wins from machines for at least five years. This is just an example of how the latest digital tools can affect the fairness of play.

We have every reason to conclude that the problem has worsened nationwide since then, especially as states new to gaming have legalized the industry.

How Fraud Harms Casinos and Customers

Fraud can occur both internally and externally. From outside of the casino come con men and counterfeiters. While they have always used unfair tricks to gain an advantage, now they are supported by bleeding-edge technology that makes efforts more difficult to detect. 

Counterfeiters gamble as anyone else, but now have access to digital technology that strives to stay one step ahead of currency protection efforts. 

As these practices spread, they threaten both casino businesses and the clientele who enjoy gaming in them.

Sports Page Provides a Safe and High End Experience for Our Valued Guests

As a community-oriented business, Sports Page Gaming strives to maintain a high standard. Since fraud hurts everyone, we take measures to protect our customers and games. By providing a comfortable and high end atmosphere, we ensure that our business brings in those seeking friendship and fun and not other purposes.

Our staff is trained and always focused on providing the best possible client experience. This includes ensuring that all games, ATMs, and other elements of the experience are free from any issues that might affect safe and fair game play. 

We invite you to come see for yourself how Sports Page Gaming provides an elegant, yet exciting experience for all who come through our doors.

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